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Nautica classic for Men Perfume Review - Review Parfum Pria terbaik

1.  Nautica classic for Men


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Customer Review 4.4 out of 5 stars

  • Lasts all day long!!
William Laforge   

  • Definitely a young, fresh, clean scent that isn't too overpowering but is very long-lasting.
E Camarav  

  • I recommend this to anyone who wants to smell amazing!
Roque Correa

  • Can Smell This Next Day - Longevity for Your Entire Voyage
Longevity is something you search for in a designer fragrance, and Nautica Voyage delivers. One to three sprays of this scent, and you'll be able to smell it the next day. Seriously. I have smelled and tested hundreds of colognes, and Voyage is near the top for a lasting fragrance. This lasts longer than Chrome or even Obsession. 1 Million might last a bit longer.

You get this fantastic long lasting scent from the minuscule amount that the sprayer puts out. After all, that's why we buy expensive cologne, right? See for yourself. Go to a store. Spray a fragrance card. Smell that card in a day or two, and it will still smell like Voyage.

Spectacular aquatic scent. Fresh and clean. Somewhat akin to Cool Water, but better, and oh so long lasting. Nautica makes many appealing aquatic fragrances. This is my favorite. Find it in retail stores for $30+ an ounce, then come to Amazon for a better price on a wonderful product.

  • Absolute Class
By El Conquistador
Size Name: 3.4 oz
This perfume is pretty nice. Compared to Cool Water by Davidoff, it blows it away. Voyage smells great, but it doesn't overpower you, nor does it completely impregnate you like others. Oh yeah and its not super cliche'd like Aqua de Gio. Get complements on this one all the time. A+.

  • Nice cologne for the price
By Avinash Singh
Size Name: 3.4 oz Verified Purchase
To be frank I am a value shopper, I try to find stuff worth the buck and let me assure you that this is surely a value deal. This cologne has a unique long lasting odour and is very good for daily use. I like the packaging, the bottle's cap is unique and feels very nice.

  • Smells Great @ the cheapest price around
By Jru
Size Name: 3.4 oz Verified Purchase
I tried this stuff out at the mall and had to get a bottle. The price was over $50 at the mall though. I did the research and amazon had it for the lowest price if you include shipping costs.
It smells light and airy (if thats a word), not overpowering but will not last as long as some other stronger scents.

  • Smells great. Women love it.
By M. Bose
Size Name: 3.4 oz Verified Purchase
Its a great smelling cologne. If you havent figured that one out as yet, all the positive reviews should tell you so. Its very fresh and very comforting to women. I love it.

  • Good Product! Scent stays on!
By CJ_Sandman1029 
Size Name: 3.4 oz Verified Purchase
I had struggled making this purchase after reading reviews of it being a potentially fake product. I want to be clear this is the exact product that comes out of a store. Long lasting scent and an excellent price! Highly recommend

  • Awesome!
By K. Wilkinson 
Size Name: 3.4 oz Verified Purchase
Great fragrance. Last all day and smells clean and fresh. Many good comments.

  • love it
By A young 40 something man 
Size Name: 3.4 oz Verified Purchase
Top 3 on my 40+ cologne collection. It is pleasant, soft and soothing, not in a flowery way. More for sunny days. Layman's way of describing the smell would be to imagine a nice looking guy wearing white shirt, half buttoned up with sleeves rolled up, sitting at the beach, smiling.