Tips for Buying Perfumes

The fragrance industry
does the bulk of its business around Christmas, mainly because that is one of
the few times a year than unwilling shoppers are forced down the perfume aisles
of department stores around the world in an attempt to somehow find the right
fragrance gift for a loved one.

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Even people who love perfume and can nose their
way around a perfume department blindfolded can feel your pain. Buying perfume is not easy and there
are actually several factors you dont even know yet that are conspiring to
make it even more difficult.br
Perfume seems very complicated.br
Thats why I, like other denizens of the perfume world, can help you make a
good choice. Here are some rules that might help you in shopping perfumes.br
Perfume is not cheap. If you hoped it would be cheap, wanted it to be cheap,
need it to be cheap, or just would feel more comfortable if it were cheap, get
over it. Perfume has not gone on sale in the last eighteen centuries.br
While perfume may not be cheap, you may find yourself being wooed a bit by
eager perfume merchants with package deals. They will take several
of their products, put them together in a festive holiday box and knock a
little off the price of the individual items and assure you its the deal of
the season. Dont laugh, it is.br
Perfume is an amazing industry, and if you dont know anything about it, you
will be amazed to the point of asphyxia to learn that there are literally of
hundreds, if not thousands, of fragrance products in even an ordinary shopping
Not to smell the perfume out of the bottle. Of course, you cant help that. You
will break this rule. But please do not think that the way a perfume smells
straight out of the bottle is anything like the way it will smell after a while
on your skin. Heres why perfume manufacturers

Work hard
at creating what perfume insiders call the top notes. These are the
first few molecules that come buzzing out of the bottle whenever a human
approaches and they practically scream, Smell me Smell me They
can be zippy, flowery, enchanting, dreamy, light, or all of those other things,
but one thing is certain. They are shortlived. Top notes die out in about one
to four minutes, which, coincidentally is about the time you can survive
cardiac arrest.br
The real body of the fragrance emerges after the period known as the dry
down. The dry down is the time the perfume spends on your skin while the
perfume dries and the top notes disappear. Now youve got heart
notes and that is much more like what the perfume is going to smell like.

Online perfume stores
offer a wealth of information and they facilitate comparison of prices between
perfumes. If a perfume is not available in your local store, it is probably
available online. The list of perfumes in some online stores like Online4Perfume
is massive and these stores allow you to trawl through the site searching for a
suitable romantic perfume or a good floral daytime fragrance. Online perfume
stores are uptodate too and they offer a customized service. Perfume stores
like online4perfume.com for all tastes from the connoisseur in perfumes to the
woman who simply wants to find a good daytime fragrance
for work.

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