Euphoria Perfume By Calvin Klein Most Wanted

Euphoria Perfume by Calvin Klein was launched in 2005. The delicious fragrance, designed for women, won the prestigious Fifi Award for the best luxe fragrance.

Euphoria is just one in a long line of fine perfumes that have been created by Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein has a history of creating luscious and delectable aromas that appeal to women from all walks of life and create an aura of intrigue and mystery.BR
Euphoria perfume by Calvin Klein was created by the distinguished noses of Dominique Ropion, Carlos Benaim and Loc Dong. It is resplendent with satisfying fragrances such as sweet pomegranate, juicy persimmon, luscious green accord, intriguing lotus blossoms, soothing champaca flower, fragrant black orchid, homey liquid amber, rich black violet, milky cream accord and deep mahogany wood.BR
An experience with Euphoria begins with the delicious sweetness of fresh ripe fruit. The fragrance layers a more down to earth green accord aroma that leaves the sensation of newness and freshness while allowing the sweetness of the fruit to really stand strong. The sweetness of the fruit is then tempered with a delightful bouquet of floral fragrances that mingle perfectly to create a truly spectacular aroma. The fragrance finishes with the deep tones of patchouli, amber and musk to round out the mystery and appeal of Euphoria.
Euphoria is a deep and enigmatic aroma that will leave you breathy and excited. It is heady and dark, but not overdone. Euphoria by Calvin Klein has good staying power and will continue to spark attention all throughout the day and into the evening. The sultry tones of the perfume are perfect for autumn or winter and will pair perfectly with your favorite little black dress for a truly unforgettable night on the town with that special someone.

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