Understanding The Nature Of Perfume

Typically, perfume consists of three notes which evaporate at different
intervals of time and emit different scented notes while keeping the
base fragrance the same.br

Have you ever wondered why the perfume which you bought after liking
its fragrance gave out a different scent with the passing time Or how
come the perfume which you liked so much on your friend gives out a
different fragrance on you The answer lies in the composition of the
perfume. Perfumes, irrespective of the brand and the scent, comprise of
three sets of molecules. These molecules evaporate at different times
giving out a different fragrance each time and since our body chemistry
is different from each other they react differently on each person. br
The three sets are termed notes in perfume parlance. The note which
evaporates the fastest is called the top note and the one which takes
a longer time to evaporate is called the middle note. The third note
or the base note takes the longest time to evaporate. All the three
sets have to be perfectly combined to produce a goodsmelling perfume.
The well balanced combination of the three notes is what
differentiates a good perfume from a bad one. br
The first note or the top note is the scent which we smell immediately
upon the application of the perfume. This note is composed of small and
light molecules which evaporate swiftly as soon as exposed to the air.
The top note denotes the freshness, assertiveness and sharpness of the
perfume and is responsible for forming the first impression of the
perfume. It is on this basis people buy their perfume and thus it is
very critical for a perfume to have the perfect top note. For this
reason, citrus fruits and ginger are normally used for top notes
because these components are strong enough to be perceived at the very
instance they are exposed to the atmosphere. The top note or the head
note as it is also known is usually felt for about the first ten
minutes. br
Next, comes the second note or the middle note which comprises of
molecules which take a longer time to evaporate. It is perceived when
the top note disappears. The general time limit of this note is between
two minutes to one hour after application. The middle note forms the
main body or the heart of the perfume and for this reason is also
called the heart note of a perfume. This note gives out fullbodied
scents which are warm, soft and expansive. Lavender and rose petals are
typically used to form the middle note of a perfume as our honeysuckle
and magnolia. The middle note also performs another task that of
disguising the initial unpleasant whiff of the base or the third note
which turns pleasant after some time. br
The final bow is taken by the last note or the base note which gives
out the fragrant note right after the middle note disappears. This
usually takes place after half an hour to an hour of the perfumes
application. The molecules of this note take the longest time to
evaporate and this is the scent which stays with us. The compounds of
the last note bind and fix the top and middle notes which are lighter.
The base note is normally described as deep and rich and musk,
vetiver and some plant resins are most commonly used in its
composition. The scent of the top note and the middle note sets the
tone of the base note and vice versa. The origin of the perfume is
derived from the combination of the middle note and the base note and
forms the main fragrance of the perfume.br
Getting this delicate balance right is what makes a good perfume stand out amongst a plethora of perfumes.br

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Understanding The Nature Of Perfume

Typically, perfume consists of three notes which evaporate at differentintervals of time and emit different scented notes while keeping thebase fragrance the same.

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