Why the world idolizes Armani fragrance

Its even said that an Armani suit
can never go out of style. Well, it seems that the brand has struck
gold in yet another arena the perfume industry. And if rave comments...

Its even said that an Armani suit
can never go out of style. Well, it seems that the brand has struck
gold in yet another arena the perfume industry. And if rave comments
about Armani fragrances are anything to go by, it seems the giant has
come out on top in the perfume department too

Whether you are a man or a woman,
theres an Armani
fragrance for you. In fact, the Armani
fragrance is the perfect way to carry off the Armani attitude
sophistication with mettle. For women, there are a number of
fragrances like Sensi, Code Women and the Armani
Attitude. For men, there are colognes like the Armani Mania
and Armani Code.


One of the most popular Armani
fragrances is the Armani Attitude for men. Attitude opens on a lemony
note, a little too strong for some but very refreshing and pleasing
for others. In its wake, there is a pleasant smell of lavender and
cardamom. The final phase of the perfume is irresistible with cedar,
patchouli and vanilla. There is also the lightest whiff of
coffeeamber. Although this Armani fragrance was introduced in the
spring of 2007, it is one of the best fragrances for the fall and the
winter. The bottle is a little cheesy, looking as it does like a
lighter. But that could be Armanis way of making a statement of

Another super hit from the house of
Armani has been Armani Code for women, which is the twin of Armani
Code for men. This Armani fragrance has notes of orange blossom,
ginger, pear sorbet, woods, vanilla and lavender honey. This perfume
has a very pleasant opening. This leads to a mild after scent of
honeyed fruits and flowers. There is a touch of ginger that lasts for
a while. This perfume is not known for its staying power but it is
simple, fruity and pleasant.


Other than these, the Armani fragrance
also contains many interesting perfumes like

Armani City
Glam He and She The perfume is distinctive and different for men
and women. For the man, it is passionate and masculine. For the
woman, it is sensuous with its orange and sandalwood tones.


Armani Emporio
He and She The mens fragrance is sophisticated and elitist,
while the womens fragrance has a romantic touch to it with a soft,
diffused smell.


Sensi Sensual,
tranquil, poignant, this perfume eludes description. It is a hot


So, the next time you cannot resist the
urge to pick up a fragrance, think Armani. After all, just like their
suits, Armani fragrances too are long lasting

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